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Jorma Tabell

Four o’clock in the morning, a two year-old kid banging on kettles and
pots with ladles and forks. That was me, or so I’ve been told. It all happened
in Kemijärvi, where I was born as the youngest child to a working class
 Since then, I have never been very active in the kitchen. Instead,
I started playing real drums in 1986 and realized that playing drums felt like
a callingto me.

In music school I soon got tired of noodling on the snare, but I was determined
and anxious to learn more. I took the self-teaching approach, listening to
records and playing along, and that really did the trick; soon I was on my way.
I still love that way of practicing, perhaps even more now than earlier. I have
played in more than 30 groups; I’m not sure if I even remember them all.
Based on that exposure, I have gained a lot of experience in different styles,
which, combined with my interest in a broad spectrum of musical styles,
creates an array of musical varieties at my disposal. 

Country music is still a new territory for me, but the moment I joined The Ramsons,
I immediately liked the lightly swinging groove.