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Mike Hurd
Vocals, Drums, Acoustic guitar

I was born and grew up in the US, living in
about 12 different places by the time I was
16, but my roots are in Kansas. After living

in New York, Switzerland and France, in 1987
I wound up in Finland, where I got married,
worked and raised three kids. Finland is
my home.

I began my musical career as a drummer,
and started playing guitar and singing at

age 16. Recently I've been surprised -
but delighted - to find myself back on
the drummer's throne. It makes me feel
like I'm 16 again.

I like folk music and singer-songwriters like
Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon and Randy

Newman. My country music favorites are
Emmylou Harris, Roseanne Cash and Mary
Chapin Carpenter.

Harri, Marko Niemelä and I formed The
Ramsons in the summer of 2011 to explore
our mutual interest in country music. Playing

new styles like waltz and humppa has been
challenging and a lot of fun.