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Kari Veskoniemi

I was born in Syrminiemi on Lake Muddus in the village of Kaamanen,
Inari, Finland in 1957. My folks sent me out into the wide world for my
military service, which took me a good 42 years. I have played music
since I was a little kid. As a bigger kid I've been playing guitar in a folk
music group for over three decades.

When I was closing in on my big sixty, the six string began to feel
overwhelming, so I switched to bass guitar. That was about four years ago.
With four strings, I began to feel like forty myself. Now as I've retired
from my day job, I have time to make music on a broader scale.
I play in a folk group and a couple of dance music groups.
Country music with The Ramsons is my newest territorial conquest.