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The Ramsons

Upcoming stops on The Ramsons' "Coming Home" World Tour:

- Friday, 5 April, Ravintola Katrilli, Oulu

The Ramsons ride south to the bustling market town of Oulu, bringing their special brand
of hard-rocking modern country songs mixed with traditional western tunes. Come dance
till your legs fall off or the night grows old. The music starts at 23.00. Admission: 6 euros.

The Ramsons’ new CD “Coming Home” is out! Watch the video of the title track here.
Watch the video for "Sunday Horseback Ride" here. To hear samples of the songs, visit
our Music page. To order your own copy of the CD, contact us at: theramsons@gmail.com.

Country Music from the Heart of Lapland!